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Coffee and cake

It's been a while since I last had the opportunity to get my thoughts down in written form.  My troubling need to spend every free moment immobile and listless has been crippling any such endeavor.  Last week I spent the entirety of Monday and Tuesday in San Francisco at a small group training.  I took the ferry to Oyster Point and walked a couple of miles each way to the hotel in which the training was being held.  It was actually quite nice being on a nice boat in the morning sunlight, and having a brisk walk along the water.  However, this greatly impacted my ability to go swimming.  By the time I got home on Monday, it was 6:30p, later than the time I would have had to leave in order to make it to swims.  Wednesday was entirely another matter.  It was Josie's birthday the following day, and she requested cinnamon rolls for the morning instead of a cake.  I obliged her, but the cinnamon roll dough, while not labor intensive, takes quite a bit of time to rise and futzing with it to get them into the pan takes an even greater amount of effort about three hours later.  That took me right up until bedtime, so swimming was right out for the entire week.

This lack of expendeture affected my ability to move, sleep and process information for the bulk of my time since then.  I suffered through the weekend on very little sleep, despite taking sleep aids.  Still, in my opinion nothing truly awful and insurmountable transpired over the weekend.  On Saturday I was able to complete a multitude of chores around the apartment after spending a blissful couple of hours completely alone, save for the cat.  I have been craving alone time like air, and I took it whenever I could get it.  I even made time to take a bath that morning.  On Saturday night, Josie and I were supposed to have a salsa dance lesson and then watch a colleague's dance performance.  Unfortunately, what was billed on the ticket was not what transpired, and we cooly sat in the most uncomfortable chairs in America while literally nothing transpired.  Oh, we could have danced a bit if we wanted to get up on stage and learn a lesson it in front of about 1,000 people.  No, thank you.  So we sat, and we sat, and we sat for about two hours (after driving 45 minutes to get there, and spending another 15 trying to park and finally walking about a mile to the venue).  We were both really put out by that.  I really enjoy ballroom dancing, and both she and I expect a 'lesson' to mean an actual lesson, not "Hey, come up to the stage and bumble around for a few minutes while we finish setting up".

Yesterday (Sunday) I woke up after about five hours of sleep.  I could have fallen back asleep to get a bit more, I think, but again I was craving alone time so I decided to get up and spend the morning in the front room.  I made coffee and sat with the cat.  I was feeling adventurous, so I put on some old episodes of The Walking Dead and pulled out the recipe that I had found for strawberry-almond cupcakes.  I found a few flaws in the recipe, and I should have gone with my gut on the preparation, but all in all, they turned out amazing.  I went so far as to make almond buttercream icing, which also turned out better than expected.  Actually... sigh... it was the best tasting cake I have ever had.  I even liked it better than the almond cake Rachel made (I feel terrible for saying that).  Later in the day, I picked back up the shawl I've been knitting for Ellen, and made it back to the spot I had stopped before prior to frogging out about a million rows.  I hate screw ups on patterns that I know I can't screw up on.  Played some Dragon Age in the afternoon and then went to Hana Japan for Josie's birthday dinner.  True to Hana Japan form, I consumed my food and then felt terrible, terrible stomach pain.  I went to the bathroom because I thought I was going to throw up, but managed to keep it under control.  I absolutely hate that I can't go to that restaurant without having terrible, terrible indigestion, or whatever it is.  The sad fact is that it's Josie's favorite place, so I will end up having to go there forever.  Driving home, I laid in the passenger seat.  I couldn't move for the crippling pain, but was able to get some pepto dismal down when I arrived back home.  I stayed pretty much immobile until bedtime.

Surprisingly enough, I was able to sleep until my alarm went off this morning.  That hasn't happened in a while.  I am looking forward to swimming tonight, and the blissful sleep it will bring afterwards.  Here's hoping that I can make it without difficulty.


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